May 2022 sermon series:

roots: the saints & scoundrels of the family of jesus


Have you ever read the genealogy of Christ in its entirety? Many of us skip over genealogies in scripture because we are simply unsure of the pronunciation of most ancient names and towns. But if we skip genealogies, we inevitably skip the rich histories and the stories that make up God’s people. 


Like all of us, Jesus came from a unique family tree filled with complicated stories and awful mistakes. How many of you have spent time working with your own personal ancestry in order to figure out where you come from? We are a people who enjoy making meaning of our lives and of the lives that came before us. Like all of us, Jesus comes from a line of saints and scoundrels. 


The gospels of Matthew and Luke both include their own genealogies of Jesus, tracing his lineage back to Israel’s beginnings. We can choose to ignore his genealogy due to difficult pronunciation, or we can spend time getting to know who makes up his family tree and how incredibly human his ancestors were. With the help of Genesis, Ruth, 2 Samuel, and the genealogies in Matthew & Luke, we’ll recall a few of the significant stories and major figures in Christ’s family tree during worship this May. 


 Jesus’ lineage doesn’t just teach us that his ancestry ties with the people of Israel. We also learn to discover from whom Jesus comes. He is born within a long line of people who made mistakes, struggled in relationships, and needed God’s love along the way. Perhaps we can learn a thing or two from the ancient stories of Jesus’ ancestors who lived imperfectly. And maybe we’ll also discover how biology isn’t the only essential part of what it means to be “family.”


Where we come from matters – but what we do with the stories that make us matters even more. Let’s discover Jesus’ roots as they inform us about our own. 



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