Sunday series:

Resting in the resurrection

Throughout the Eastertide season, we are focusing our sermons and reflections on the activity of rest. As Christians, we believe in a God who rests and commands us to rest. Sometimes rest is "rest-full" and sometimes it is difficult work. Nonetheless, we are asked to practice holy rest. We'll be thinking about how rest helps us grow in our discipleship, how rest appears throughout scripture, and how we ought to find rest in this current time of our lives. Some argue that during the pandemic and stay-at-home orders, we ought to be engaged in creating, producing, and completing more tasks than before. But this series will help us see why perhaps this time of physical distancing, what we need more of during this time is not shame-filled instruction to produce and perform more, but instead to rest in God's holy love. 

​​​​​​Grow with us each Sunday at 10:30am! 




wednesday devotional Series:

  Faith Talk

 A lot is changing around us and in our everyday lives. We're reacting to the spread of the pandemic and the social regulations that change each day. Our lives have changed dramatically and our faith may be experiencing change, too. Throughout this Wednesday night series, we'll reflect on how these new changes affect our faith while recognizing that God's faithfulness stays the same. 


Join us on Wednesdays from 7-7:30pm as we reflect, reconnect, and reconcile with God and with each other.  And find out more about WOW (Worship on Wednesday) under the Ministries tab on our website.