Sunday series:

"follow Me:" 

Essential Practices of the Christian life

This Lenten sermon series, titled after Christ's simple invitation to Simon Peter and Andrew in Matthew 4:19, invites us to reflect on how we can commit to the essential practices of our Christian life. Some of these practices include: worship, prayer, services, study, and more. Each week, we'll discover new challenges that help us grow in our personal faith as well as our communal involvement.

​​​​​​Grow with us each Sunday at 10:30am! 



  wednesday devotional Series:

  lent in plain sight

 Every Wednesday, we worship and gather together over dinner, small group studies, and a brief contemporary       worship service. During the thirty-minute contemporary service, we'll share a devotional that invites conversation and thoughtful reflection. Our current devotional series is titled "Lent in Plain Sight" where we read Bible stories that help us reflect on simple objects that relate to the Lenten season, including: dust, towels, bread, coins, and more.  Each week's devotion helps us dig deeper into the reflective season of Lent. 

Join us on Wednesdays from 7-7:30pm as we reflect, reconnect, and reconcile with God and with each other.  And find out more about WOW (Worship on Wednesday) under the Ministries tab on our website.