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Dinner Day

Our tradition for 90 years!

Duties of Hosts/Hostess

The first Sunday of each month is observed as Dinner Day at Centennial United Methodist Church of Ivy. Each family that plans to stay for dinner is responsible for two covered dishes. With the earlier church hour during the summer months, the meal will have a brunch theme. All other weeks will have a fellowship time following church of coffee, Kool-Aid, and cookies or other treats. Everyone is welcome to stay for these times of fellowship.



Dinner Day Host/Hostess 2024



Heaverlin & Lynch


Ferguson & Lynch


Jackson, Person & Osborn




Craven, Fischer & Warner


Olgren & Geisenhoff




Britt, Campbell & Shaver


Gish & Sharp


Ordway & McDuffy


Ferguson & Ferguson


Freel, Lehn & Freel


Duties of Dinner Day HostS/HOSTesses

  • The first name on the list is the chairperson and should contact the others on the committee before the Sunday of serving. Find your own replacement if you are unable to serve.
  • Hostesses are to share in the cost and furnish one meat dish, rolls, and butter.
  • Hostesses are responsible for setting out napkins, table service, cups and glasses, sugar and cream, and salt and pepper.
  • Hostesses are responsible for cutting pies and cakes, placing food in the oven to keep warm (250), and placing food on the serving table by the end of church. Pour drinks as needed.
  •  Hostesses are responsible for making coffee and cold drinks and checking the ice in the freezer. Red-based drinks are NOT to be used in the Fellowship Hall at any time.
  • The UMW will furnish coffee, sugar, Kool-Aid and the napkins. If supplies are low, contact Doris Heaberlin.
  • Do NOT use Styrofoam plates or cups. Church policy, effective June 7, 1995, is to use china and glassware or reusable plastic for all occasions.
  • Hostesses should see that the dining room and kitchen are cleaned following the event. Wash, dry and put away all dishes, silverware, glasses, cups, and pans. Clean all counters and dining room tables and sweep the kitchen floor.
  • Hostesses are responsible for washing and returning the tea towels, towels and dishcloths to church.
  • Garbage removal and disposal is the responsibility of the hostesses.
  • Please turn all lights and ceiling fans in the church off before leaving.
  • Hostesses are to lock the front door, back door and kitchen door before leaving.