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Altoona, Iowa



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Altoona, Iowa




I was glad when they said to me, Let us go into the house of the Lord! -Psalm 122:1


Usher Schedule


November 2023


5   Missy Shaver & Gaylen Heaberlin

12   Don & Libby Hiatt

19   Mike & Mary Ferguson

26   Nancy Day & Ken Sharp


DecEMBER 2023


3   Jonathan Freel & Jeff Freel

10   Allison & Chris Lehn

17   Tim & Marcy Campbell

24  Evan Fischer & Jeff Freel

31   Amy & Jason Ferguson


January 2024


7   Ken Sharp & Mike Ferguson

14   Missy Shaver & Gaylen Heaberlin

21   Bobbi & Simon Meister

28   Jill Warner & Joy Warner



Thank you for serving in this important hospitality role!



Duties of Ushers

  1. Arrive about 30 minutes before the service begins to greet worshippers at the door.
  2. With a cheerful greeting, hand out bulletins.
  3. Invite guests to sign the guestbook and give them a church pen.
  4. Count and record the attendance on the calendar on the registry desk and add the number to the register board.   
  5. Ushers are NOT responsible to assist with communion.
  6. Pass the offering plates.
  7. Please find your replacement if you are unable to be at church on your scheduled Sunday.
  8. Remain in the narthex for a while to greet latecomers