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Centennial Photo Inventory

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Submitting a photo to Centennial’s photo inventory

If you have a photograph that you would like to give to the church, we have a convenient way for you to submit it. Follow the instructions below to give photos to Centennial so they can be used for the website, newsletter, brochures or other church business.

 Go to www.shutterfly.com

 Click on Sign In (upper right side)

 On sign in           Email – photos@ivycentennial.org

               Password – 1876

 Click on Upload

  1 Choose your photos from your computer

  2 Upload to existing album

              Select album – New Photos


Note: Jeff will move photos from the "New photo" area to an album.

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To view and download photos from Centennial’s photo inventory

 Go to centennialumc.shutterfly.com/pictures

 View photos in the various albums.

 On the photo you want, go to the drop down arrow in the top right corner.

  If it asks you to sign in

               Email – photos@ivycentennial.org

               Password – 1876

 Choose - Download this picture…

 Choose whether you would like to Open the photo or Save

Note: Recently uploaded photos will not be available to download until Jeff moves them.

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