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This page has been created to help keep our church connected during the pandemic. Tell us what you're up to in a video, picture, or a post and we'll share it here on this webpage and on our church Facebook page. Send us a recipe you're making this week, your book list, a picture of a new game you're playing, or a video of your pet.

Show us what you're up to and "tell your friends" at Ivy what you're up to each Tuesday! 


Send your pictures, videos, lists, & posts to and your post can be included that week. 


And be sure to check out the other posts we include each week so you can find a new recipe, try reading a new book,

stay in touch with your friends from Ivy, & more. 


Tuesday, June 16 posts & updates here


Today is Tell A Friend Tuesday!

What have you been up to this week? 

Joni Musselman shares with us today that she

has been celebrating this weekend! She says,

“Happy Birthday to my niece Shelby & Congrats

to my great niece Halle for graduating high school & is on to the University of Alabama!” ❣️

What a great celebration! Thanks for sharing, Joni!

Have you been celebrating something recently?




























Tuesday, June 9 posts & updates here

It’s duckling season at the Meister home!!

Bobbi Meister shares this with all of you at Ivy,

as she wanted to share some cuteness with you today. ☀️

Thanks for sharing, Bobbi!













Shay Maxwell shares this with her friends

at Ivy on this “Tell a friend Tuesday!”

Shay shares, “Oakley went boating

for the first time! And Afton loves to swim!”

Looks like a lot of fun in the sun for the Maxwell girls!! ☀️

how did you enjoy the sun this weekend?!






































Joni Musselman shares on this Tell a Friend Tuesday post

that she came home yesterday surprised to find her

outdoor rocking chairs restained! She loves how they turned out! ☀️

Have you been working on any projects during the pandemic?





















Tuesday, June 2 posts & updates here

Today is Tuesday! So folks are telling

their friends at Ivy what they’ve been up to

the past week or so for “Tell a Friend Tuesday.”


With the weather being so nice, it’s a great

opportunity to get out in the evenings for some fresh air.

Last night, Pastor Dani & Erik walked around Beaverdale,

enjoying the blossoming flowers & waving at other neighbors

who were also enjoying the weather. Here’s one sight they had on their walk.


Share with us what you’ve been up to! How are you?

Let us know on this “Tell a Friend Tuesday!”























This “Tell a Friend” post comes from

Joni Musselman. She shares a picture of her

grand-dog, Bandit! Joni writes, “Stay cool anyway you can today!” 😎🌞


Thanks for sharing, Joni! How are you all staying cool in this warm summer weather













Laura Hiatt shares this photo and message

with her friends at Ivy on this "Tell a Friend Tuesday."


"It has been a whirlwind of a week. Colton Hiatt was able

to have a graduate ceremony, a party, complete all of his requirements

to earn his rank of Eagle Scout! Today he is arriving in Ft. Jackson, SC

for Basic Training. I have to admit, I am exhausted, emotional and a bit lost;

but Todd Hiatt and I along with Saundra Stuart are very proud of his accomplishments!"


Thank you so much for sharing, Laura!

And congratulations to Colton!

We are praying for you all in this transition and celebration. ❤


















Tuesday, May 26 posts & updates

It’s Tuesday! So folks are telling their friends at Ivy

what they have been up to recently.

Jolynn Fetters shares that one of Landan’s heifer’s

had her first baby!

“Calm in the Storm”

The baby’s name is Hercules.

(The mama is Aprohidite and the dad was Aries) 🤣


We love it!! Welcome to the world, Hercules!! ♥️

and thank you for sharing, Jolynn & Landan! Friends, let us know

what youve been up to emailing














































On this “Tell a friend Tuesday” post, Erik Hall

wants to share with his friends at Ivy what he’s been up to today!

This is a picture of his computer code which he created

for a course through his new job at John Deere.

Looks cool & complicated, Erik! Thanks for sharing.


What have you been up to today or this week?























Oakley says “hi!” to her friends at Ivy on this

“Tell a friend Tuesday,” from the Zoo!!


Hi, Oakley!! Looks like so much fun! 🌻























Tuesday, May 19 posts & updates



On this Tell a Friend Tuesday post, Evan Fischer

shares this beautiful photo, as he and his coworkers

spent the day planting flowers in beds around Hoyt Sherman Place.

They look beautiful, Evan! Thanks for sharing.


What have you been up to this last week?






















Another Tell A Friend Tuesday post comes from

Marcy & Carissa Bowie, who share that Carissa made

a Lemonade/vegetable stand for Oakley for her birthday!

How sweet!! 
























Tuesday, May 12 posts & updates


Good morning! Today is Tell a Friend Tuesday,

when folks tell their friends at Ivy what they've been up to this week.

Pastor Dani wants to share this letter she received

in her email this week. Last week, Dani signed up to receive a love letter

from the #EssentialLoveLetterProject and today she received

the anonymous Love Letter. You can sign up to write or receive a love letter here:

Here was the Love Letter Pastor Dani received today

and wants to share with you now:

"Sometimes, I write blessings for friends who are in crisis.

This is a time of crisis for a lot of us. The world is in crisis.

I cannot write a blessing for the entire world, but I wrote one for you.


I bless you to know that you are loved.

I bless you to remember the people that love you.

I bless you to remember the people who care about your safety and comfort.

I bless you to know that you deserve safety and comfort.

I bless you to know that you deserve rest.

This is a frightening and exhausting time.

You are surviving in the face of that.

You deserve to be proud of that.

Allow yourself to accept strength and comfort from others too.

Remember that this will pass.

This period of social distancing/quarantine/isolation will pass.

This period of intense work will pass.

This period of fear will pass.

In the midst of all this pain and disruption, spring is arriving.

Our sweet Mother Earth is renewing herself.

She loves us.

She has carried us all our lives and always will.

When other things fail, we can rely on soil and sky to be there.

Be well, love.

Be safe, love.

You are cared for and loved.


Also, enjoy some pictures of spring arriving in Dani's backyard.












































Need a dinner idea? Try "Pasta al Limone" which is

fancy for pasta with lemon! Heard on NPR this afternoon,

how to give pasta a different taste if you have a lot

of pasta stocked up or just need a new recipe.

What are you enjoying making & eating

during physical distancing? 


Pasta al Limone recipe:






















Have you spent time coloring or drawing

during your time of physical distancing?

Tell or show us at Ivy on this "Tell a Friend Tuesday!"

Here's a coloring page for you, if you need a new idea from Illustrated Ministry.

It says "You Are My Refuge" from Psalm 31:1-5, 15-16.














Tuesday, May 5 posts & updates




It’s Tuesday, so we are posting our “Tell a Friend Tuesday”

posts to let all of you— our friends at Ivy— what folks

have been up to recently!

Pastor Dani’s husband, Erik, shares this post of his quarantine haircut

and most recent project! Last weekend, Erik put together this

entertainment center where he can practice mixing and recording music.

What projects you’ve been working on?
Also, have you had a quarantine haircut? We would love to see a picture! 



Check out these incredible costume renderings

from Aleka Fischer— who by the end of this week—

will have finished 17 costume renderings for finals!

Thank you for sharing what you’ve been up to

with your friends at Ivy, Aleka! Your hard work is an amazing gift.


What have you been up to during quarantine?
























On this "Tell A Friend Tuesday" post, Carissa and Ben

share this photo of them bottle feeding this little lamb

at Grandma Verna and Grandpa John's farm. So sweet!























Joni Musselman shares this beautiful photo for her "Tell a Friend Tuesday" post.

She shares, "My niece sent this beautiful picture from Nashville last weekend.

It reminds me of rest and relaxation ad a favorite message...

that God guides me to quiet places, where life's cares and worries cease. 

Alone with God and nature, I find hope, and strength, and peace." 
















Shay Maxwell sends this sweet photo of Oakley who worked very hard

last week to hand out May Day baskets. She loved delivering these 

baskets to her friends! Thank you so much, Oakley, for your serving spirit! 

Ivy appreciates & loves you! 























Thank you, Shay Maxwell, for also sending these perfect photos of

sweet Afton!  Shay shares that Afton enjoys her bouncer! 

Afton, all of your friends at Ivy miss you and love you! 


How are you finding joy in this time? 













































This post is from Whitney Warner who says they are trying

new recipes to get out of their comfort zone! Looks delicious!

What new recipes have you been trying?




















“Rockin Rita” says hi to her friends at Ivy on this

wonderful “Tell A Friend Tuesday” post!

We would love to see your selfies, too! 
























Here’s our last “Tell a Friend Tuesday” post of the day!

It’s from Bobbi Meister and her family who share:

“This here is Barnaby our rooster. He's been keeping us entertained

by teaching the hens how to get out of our new chicken run.

Here they are clear across the yard no where near their supposed to be spot!

He's looking at me because he knows he's not supposed to be over there.”


Thank you for sharing, Meister family & Barnaby!
























Tuesday, April 28 posts & updates

Our first post comes from Brili Jackson

who is all dressed up with no place to go!

Thanks Brooke Person for sharing this picture with us!
























This Tell A Friend Tuesday post comes from

Libby Hiatt who wants to share the recipe

of her new favorite dessert with all of you-- her friends at Ivy!


Here's the recipe for these Individual Apple Crisps:

1 cup thinly sliced peeled tart apple
1 tbsp sugar
2 tsps water
2 tbsps plus 2 tsps all-purpose flour
2 tbsps brown sugar
1/8 tsp. cinnamon
1/8 tsp. nutmeg
Dash of salt
2 tbsps cold butter
whipped cream, optional
In a small bowl, combine the apple, sugar and water. Divide between two 6-oz. ramekins or custard cups coated with cooking spray.
In a small bowl, combine the flour, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt. Cut in butter until mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Sprinkle over apple mixture. Bake at 375 for 20-25 minutes or until tender.
























Check out these photos from Brooke & Brenda Person!

On this "Tell a Friend Tuesday" post, they wanted to share

this photo of Brenda's beautiful peacocks. Incredible!























Here's another delicious recipe, this one shared from Bobbi Meister,

who has been trying new, healthy, vegetarian meals in

her family's weekly meal plans. Bobbi and her family tried this falafel recipe

from "Smitten Kitchen" and we hope you enjoy as much as they did!

Click on this link for the recipe:

What's your favorite thing you've been while spending more time recently at home?













This post comes from Brooke Person who is

pictured with her sister, Brandi Jackson! Brooke had surgery

two weeks ago and this is the photo she took before her surgery.

We are praying for Brooke as she recovers and we're grateful

for this photo as she keeps all of us-- her friends at Ivy--

updated on this "Tell A Friend Tuesday!" Thank you, Brooke!
























The Jackson boys are staying busy! Here are some

"Tell A Friend Tuesday" pictures of Brock and Boman Jackson

as they help grandma with chores while modeling "safety first" with their masks on!

One picture also shows Brock riding the scooter from Brooke's to grandma's house.

Thanks for sharing these photos with us, Brooke! What have you been doing outside while social distancing?

Yard work? Taking a walk? Sitting in the sunshine?

































































Amy Ferguson shared these photos from Mike and Mary Ferguson's farm!

The first photo shows the mamas-to-be and

the second photo shows the first calf of the season. He is just over one week old!

Thank you for sharing with your friends at Ivy, Amy (and Mike & Mary)!



































On this "Tell a Friend Tuesday" post, we have

big sister Oakley taking care of her little sister Afton.

Such sweet sisters! Thank you Shay Maxwell & Marcy Bowie

for sharing with all of us at Ivy.























From the King family: We are missing our Ivy friends

but keeping busy and hoping everyone is staying safe!

We have been home together for 6 weeks and

are probably looking at another four. Grateful for our time together

and for our Ivy friends!

-Dana, April, Lainey (8!), and Anderson (5)


Thank you, King family! Your Ivy friends miss you! 













Here's our last "Tell a Friend Tuesday" post for this Tuesday!

This photo comes from Joni Musselman who wanted

to share a deer sighting she had in Norwalk, Iowa this week!

Thank you all for updating us at Ivy!

Your church misses you and gives thanks for you.






















Tuesday, April 21 posts & updates

Check out this beautiful photo from Libby & Don Hiatt. 

This is a picture of Thomas Mitchell Park where they've

been walking a few times a week. Thanks for sharing, Libby & Don! 




Here's another "Tell A Friend Tuesday" post from Rita Denhart. 

How might you answer these questions for yourself today or this week? 




Check out what Oakley Maxwell has been up to-- helping dad on the family farm! 

What have you been up to? Send us pictures and let your friends at Ivy know! 

Send your photos, videos, posts & more to: 





Here's what Evan Fischer, Allison Lehn, & Erik Hall 

did last weekend: recording hymns for our upcoming

worship services. We're grateful for their work and 

their willingness to stay physically distant! 

(Also thank you to Linda Carnahan who is not pictured,

but played piano for the recordings!) 




This "Tell A Friend Tuesday" picture comes from Joni Musselman who says,

"This isn't a fun in the sun picture, but it's my work environment which

I am very thankful to God that I still have my job and my coworkers

who take turns working from home and office."

What are you doing today? Are you outside enjoying the sun? Working?

Resting? Whatever you're doing, we hope you are staying safe and healthy.




Thank you, Marcy Bowie, for sharing this photo with us! 

We're especially thankful for all who are working hard in 

healthcare during this time. We offer prayers that you all 

stay healthy & safe. Thank you for the care you offer!



This photo is of Allison Lehn who works at ChildServe. 

She and her coworkers are required to wear masks & 

shields to protect their patients and themselves. Thank you

for sharing this photo with your friends at Ivy, Allison! And 

thank you for your dedication to serve the community. 




This photo of Jodi Picoult's Small Great Things is from Libby Hiatt! 

Libby shares this book because it is written by one of her favorite authors. 

Need a new book to try? Check this one out!

What books are you reading during quarantine? 



This "Tell a Friend Tuesday" post comes from Jill Craven who

taught an online class today with some of her tiniest ballerinas!

Today they worked on the heart shape with their hands for

"You'll Be in My Heart" from Tarzan!

Thanks for sending us this photo, Jill! 




Check out what Chris Musselman has been up to today!

He's rebuilding a fuel injected 360 motor for

his son's 1968 dodge truck. Looks complicated!



Tuesday, April 14 posts & updates


Here’s one of our “Tell a Friend Tuesday” posts!

Check out this puzzle that Evan Fischer & his roommate

finished this past week. Thanks for sharing this with us, Evan!​​​​ 



Check out another update, in this video from Jonathan Freel,

as he updates us from his work, by clicking here.



"Hi" from Dolly Hallman! (Pastor Dani & Erik's dog)

Dolly wishes you could all join her on her porch swing.